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Dashain Festival 2004

October 23, 2004. "This year's Dashain program was the best Dashain program I have ever participated", one of the participants said to his friends. ANQ organized Celebration of Vijaya Dashami 2004 program in Bharat Bhawan on Saturday evening. The program started with usual speeches. Mr. Pabitra Upadhyaya took his permanent role of respected brahmin by putting 'Tika' and 'Jamara' to the participants. The cultural show began with announcer Mrs. Shila Sainju. This show was a full entertaining program with songs and dances. People seemed very happy after the program. Did you miss it? You can request video copy of this program to one of members of Executive Committee. You will see a notice on our homepage when it's ready. ANQ thanks all the volunteers and the participants for making such a holy festival a very successful one. <Photos available> If you want to get a video cassette of this event, please contact Sajir Shrestha (514-807-6054) or, Hemanta Kr. Dahal (514-278-2560).

4th Annual General Meeting 2004

August 29, 2004. ANQ organizes its annual general meeting every year in the month of August. The meeting held at Bharat Bhawan. After the opening speech of its present president Mr. Mugadhan Rajbhandari, the members of Advisory committee had also spoken about ANQ activities. Board member Mr. Hemanta Kumar Dahal presented the progress report prepared by secretary Mr. Govinda Khatri. Similary the treasurer Mr. Bal Makunda Maharjan presented ANQ's financial report. Both of these reports have been published in ANQ Newsletter 2004. At the same time, Mr. Manoj Koirala joined Executive committee as its member after Mr. Shankar Subedi resigned from the position. ANQ's present activities and future plans were discussed for more than 2 hours. During the meeting break, pizza and coke were distributed. Though the participants werenot in big numbers, this year's annual general meeting was quite successful. <Photos available >

Picnic 2004

July 18, 2004. Like previous years, ANQ organized picnic program at Mont Royal park. To introduce new nepalese residents to old and to get together all the residents, ANQ played an important role by organizing this event. Each family brought different food item and everybody got together to enjoy this picnic program. To make the program more interesting, some games were also played in the afternoon. The winners were as follows: Santosh Kanel (Football), Gyanu Pun (Volleyball), Kamal Adhikari (Long jump) and Deependra Sitoula (High jump).

From young kids to the senior nepalese residing in the province of Quebec, everybody seemed to be happy participating this picnic program. The day was warm and sunny except at the last moment, all seemed to be rushing to get a shelter as there was a thunderstorm around 18:30.

Association of Nepalese in Quebec thanks to all those making the program a grand success. <Photos available>

New Year 2061 BS

April 17, 2004. As usual ANQ celebrated Nepali New Year 2061 BS with a great enthusiasm by Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ). To make our Nepali culture alive a Cultural Program has also been organized and that was the main entertainment of the celebration. Program was started by announcer Surendra Shrestha and President Muga Rajbhandari, Advisor Raj Kumar Mahat and Advisor Pabitra Upadhyaya highlighted the activities of ANQ, importance of program and wished a very happy prosperous new year.

The second phase of the program was Cultural Program. Opening by Cultural Coordinator Hirendra Khatri - Munu, Raksha and Prativa put their all efforts to make the program lively and enjoyable giving a new style and model to lunch the program. Although they were first time in the stage, they have shown their great skills and courage that was really appreciated. At the same time Anju Mahat and Gita Baral were trying to assist TRI DEVI and Member Hemanta Dahal was also trying his best to make the program successful announcing and telling jokes. All most all children were on the stage singing and dancing. It seemed that they were having really fun showing their skills without any hesitation. Usha Mungrati, Munu Kanel, Raksha Mahat, Rukshan Mahat, Princedeep, Hirendra Khatri, Dilasha Thapa had performed dance that looked like really a professional. On the other hand Patrick Baral was trying to convey the New Year message with his little voice and Surendra, Hirendra, Hemanta and Subash (read by Surya) were able to give an impression that they are the great poets telling their poems. Gopal Pokhrel’s song and Hirendra’s SARANGI added more entertainment on program.

Candy distribution and DVD Prize were another attraction of the program. As a whole the program was a really successful. Everybody seemed to be very busy. Sarad Subba has played a vital role to serve drinks and on the other side Shankar Subedi was really busy at the registration. Of course, Vice president Sajir Shrestha was trying to capture all the events moving his tiny video camera and Prakash Mungrati and Gita Baral were pushing people here and there to serve food. At the corner of the hall Bal Mukunda, Shankar and Govinda were busy counting money and empty beer bottles.

To end the party there was group songs and dance. Wow, everybody was on the stage dancing and singing with great fun. At the end, a really good teamwork has been displayed, within less than ten minutes the hall was completely cleaned, all musical instruments and electronics were taken to the car. It was really nice to hear the good night message and once again new year wishes at the departure. Indra Khatri, Home Lamichhane, Gopal Pokhrel and Prakash Mungrati were the hero of decorating the hall and shopping necessary goods for the party. ANQ would like to thank all participants, artists, volunteers and of course Mr. Sing-Bharat Bhawan for providing a Hall and assistance and New Indian Mahal Restaurant for their great food and cooperation. <Photos available>

Blood Donation 2004

April 4, 2004. ANQ organized Blood Donation Program jointly with Héma Québec. Keeping our members work schedule and availability, the program was conducted in two days, Saturday, 3rd April 2004 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday, 4th April 2004 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. It was held at Héma Québec's collection clinic situated at Place Versailles, 7275 Sherbrooke Street East, Radisson Metro Station in East Montreal.
<Photos available>

Dashain Festival 2003

October 4, 2003. ANQ organized Dashain Festival. More than 100 people including members of ANQ, other guests participated in the program. The program was held at Jean-Talon, Montreal. People received Tika from Mr. Pabitra Upadhyaya. The cultural committee presented Nepalese cultural program with dance, song, drama, comedy, poem and some other items. Children showed their talents performing their arts. Dinner was also served during the program. At the end, ANQ distributed the prize to the participants of the cultural program.<Photos available>

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