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Conclusion of Deusi-Bhailo 2005

December 25, 2005. To mark the conclusion of the recent Deusi-Bhailo program, ANQ invited all the Nepalese residing in Montreal in a party where we enjoyed foods and cultural programs. The program started around 10:00 in the morning. Not only Nepalese but also other community people were present in this occasion. Our members sang songs and presented conclusion of ANQ Deusi-Bhailo 2005 program during the event. ANQ members who were present this day received video print of last Dashain party and most of them renewed ANQ membership for the year 2006 also.

Deusi-Bhailo 2005

November 2005. Nepalese in Quebec observed our great traditional festival Dipawali with Deusi-bhailo program organized by the Association of Nepalese in Quebec. The Deusi-Bhailo cultural team visited the individual Nepalese households in Montreal with Deusi-Bhailo songs and dances. The enthusiastic and spontaneous participation of the Nepalese community in Quebec in the Deusi-bhailo program really made this festival lively and enjoyable evoking and reinforcing our cultural bond. We thank all for your active participation in this program.

Dashain 2005

October 15, 2005. Nepalese in Quebec celebrated the great traditional Nepalese festival Dashain with Nepalese tradition of exchanging goodwill and greeting amongst fellow citizens during a Dashain program organized by Association of Nepalese in Quebec. The cultural program comprising of Nepalese dances, songs and poems combined with the delicious Nepalese foods had added the festivity of the program.

Association of Nepalese in Quebec thanks to all those making the program a grand success. <Photos available>

5th Annual General Meeting

August 20, 2005. ANQ has recently organized its 5th Annual General Meeting at Bharat Bhavan, Montreal. All ANQ's activities organized during the past year were evaluated by the whole ANQ general members and its future plans were presented. Members of Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, Sub Committees and general members were present in this event. One of the important task of the meeting was to select members of New Executive Committee. Mr. Hira Hirendra Khatri (member of past Executive Committee) was selected as New President. The new board has a total of nine members. The President of past E.C., Mr. Mugadhan Rajbhandari handed over the necessary tasks and responsibilities to new President Mr. Hira Hirendra Khatri. Mr. Govinda Khatri (Secretary - past E.C.) and Mr. Bal Makunda Maharjan (Treasurer - past E.C.) had presented their annual report and financial reports. Visit Board Members page to find all members of new E.C.

Picnic 2005

July 17, 2005. It was Sunday in Montreal and the weather forecast for this city was 60% rain. All ANQ Executive Committee members, members of Advisory Board, general members, and non members were not feeling quite good as it was pot lock picnic program day. But the weather really helped since there was no rain after 11:00 am and the picnic was also arranged to start at 11:00 am. All the participants arrived at Maisoneauve Park in East Montreal around noon. Everyone brought something to share in this event. There were more than 20 different food items brought in. Mr. Gautam Karnikar added entertainment with his guitar and Sanibar song, Mr. Hirendra Khatri with his poems and Kevin Chaudhary, Kumar Rokka & Shyam Tamang with their dance. All ladies and gentlemen were applauding. New Nepali residents of Montreal and visitors got an opportunity to meet the old residents. Children were very happy to play in park and meet their friends. <Photos available>

Blood Donation 2005

May 8, 2005. ANQ has recently organized its Second Blood Donation Drive jointly with Héma Québec. The program was divided into two days, Saturday, the 7th May and Sunday, the 8th May 2005. The clinic was open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days at Héma Québec's collection clinic situated at Place Versailles, 7275 Sherbrooke Street East, Radisson Metro Station in East Montreal. We would like to thank you all for your participation to make this event a very successful one.

Nepalese New Year 2062 BS

April 16, 2005. On the occasion of Nepalese new year 2062 BS, ANQ organized a special event on Sunday, 16 April 2005. This event had a Nepalese cultural program and dinner was also severed. Our children and our friends showed their talents with songs, dances, jokes and poems. Not only Nepalese and Canadian but also the people from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh participated this event.

We would like to thank all our volunteers, participants and guests on making this Nepalese New Year celebration program successful. <Photos available>

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